Latest updates…sorry so long

Ok … So it’s been a lil bit since we have fresh info for the plumber fans out there. But we’ve had some great changes at the pit.. For starters we have a new pit in the aresenal…  TheSmokinPlumber officially joined the Mafia.. kinda figures a plumber in the mafia lol.. but we have upgraded and purchased a rec-tec Rt-700 Bull from Rec-Tec grills in Georgia… so Rec-TecMafia is part of our team.. and let me tell you once you join you never leave .. this thing is incredible.. wifi,perfect heat control,awesome smoke.. I could go on but you be better off trying our stuff for yourself. With this new technology we pulled our scores up at our annual outing to Oinktoberfest in clarence this year jumping 10 spots and getting a perfect score from 1 judge… and had it not been for 1 bad apple at our judging table we would of won the damn thing!!! Either way some exciting stuff happening andthanks for your support.